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UniFi is proud to help our HVAC partners sell more with our U-Climate Program. U-Climate is an industry-leading finance program designed specifically for HVAC Dealers and Contractors.

What is U-Climate?

  • U-Climate is value and service.
  • U-Climate is 35 years of HVAC finance experience packaged into a special program for HVAC Contractors and Dealers.
  • U-Climate is a dedicated Unifi Rep being on call 24/7 to help you sell more and answer all finance questions.
  • U-Climate is the Unifi Team supporting you with:
    • 2 hour turn-around time on customer credit review
    • Prompt communication the way you like it: phone, fax, email, text
    • Purchase Orders issued on all transactions
    • Same-day funding after signed documents are received
    • Personal service - when you call, we answer. No robo-dialers here.
  • U-Climate gives you the ability to offer a financing option to every one of your customers.

Why you should offer financing to every customer

  • All business owners finance.
  • 40% of business owners do not know how they will pay for the HVAC equipment they need
  • Industry research shows that all HVAC Contractor's and Dealer's sales increase after they start offering financing to every customer
  • Financing allows you to offer new equipment sales to all customers. Make more money by doing new installations instead of repairing old systems
  • Many customers will eliminate your quote if it doesn't include a finance option
  • Take the competitive advantage by offering financing with U-Climate
  • Bottom line: What if your competition offers financing and you don't?

How do I register for the U-Climate Program?

  • Complete the Dealer/Contractor information form below
  • Continue to our secure payment portal to pay the $295 Lifetime HVAC Program Membership
  • After submitting your information and fee, you will have access to all the benefits and advantages of the U-Climate Program. One of our experienced HVAC representatives will contact you.
  • You will also receive a receipt and confirmation email
  • Thank you for choosing U-Climate fueled by Unifi Equipment Finance

Win more sales with U-Climate powered by Unifi Equipment Finance
U-Climate Registration


Continue to our secure payment portal to pay the $295 Lifetime UniFi HVAC Membership Charge.